Climate NATURE (Nature As Teacher for Urban Resiliency Education) is an environmental engagement program offered to school children by a coalition of environmental groups in East Boston. The program was conceived and created by Eastie Farm. The Harborkeepers and Piers Park Sailing Center partner with Eastie Farm to bring fun, hands-on and interactive experiences to students on a variety of topics that encourage and foster eco-conscious behavior, including recycling and composting.

We also bring experts from various fields such as marine science (New England Aquarium, NOAA Marine Fisheries), wetlands conservation (Friends of the Belle Isle Marsh, MassDCR), maritime and marine safety (United States Coast Guard Sector Boston), weather, and climate. Students do fun and educational exercises such as toy sailboat-building, applying math and physics, while considering aerodynamic design and the use of renewable energy.

In addition to applying themselves creatively, students also work in groups, collaborate, learn collective decision-making, as well as learn to appreciate each others’ skills and talents. Climate change is a focus of the program from a perspective of scientific understanding and action at various levels. As we think about the globe we also take action caring for the world around us, such as keeping the school premises clean, the storm drains unclogged, the gardens green, and worms fed.