Climate and Weather

Alex DeFronzo of Piers Park Sailing Center discussed climate and weather with 5th and 2nd graders: What’s weather? What’s climate? What’s the difference? What changes our climate? The activities included Q&A where the students answered with their best guesses (to questions like how old the Earth is), writing down things they already know, and questions they had.

CO2 forms a blanket that lets light in but doesn’t let heat out
Can you guess how old the Earth is? (2nd graders)
OK, so we’re trapping heat. How do we get it out? — 5th grader
What’s the weather like today?
What zone do we live in? Who has family in the Tropical zone? What are the polar zones like?
So many questions!
How do we know what we know?
How does the weather change?
How exactly does the Earth’s warming affect us?
What happens if you litter a lot?