Greenway & Stormwater

Friday, March 22, climate educators from the Climate NaTURE program took the McKay Elementary 5th graders for a walk on the East Boston Greenway on a rainy day (with ponchos, of course!) to the harbor to explore what happens to the rain on the Greenway. We observed and talked as we walked to point out how vegetation along the Greenway absorbs the rainwater (or not). The children had some great questions about green infrastructure and made some very insightful comments about implementing some better solutions to absorb extreme stormwater as well as flooding from storms. We made it to the East Boston waterfront and back (a bit soggy) but had a refreshing walk and talk about improving our Greenway from further climate impacts.  We also discussed the temporary flood wall that the City of Boston is ready to deploy under the Maverick Street overpass and how many homes it would protect.


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