Maverick Landing

New England Aquarium! (11/13 NATURE Lesson)

This week’s lesson about sea turtles at the Maverick Landing Community Center went swimmingly! 

First, we took a look at a taxidermied hawksbill sea turtle: students even got to hold her and pass her around as they learned about how different species of sea turtle differ in the color and size of their shells. Then we watched a short documentary about sea turtle nesting, and watched baby sea turtles make their mad dash to the ocean just seconds after hatching! From that video, students learned the importance of keeping the lights off at night if you live near the ocean, since sea turtle hatchlings can become disoriented by them. Finally, we colored in a worksheet in order to learn how to identify different species of sea turtles… did you know that leatherback sea turtles can grow to weigh up to 1500 pounds?

To get moving, we ended the lesson with a fun spinoff of hide and seek, where we hid “turtle eggs” around the room and then tried to find them as quickly as we could. Maverick Landing Community Center is very passionate about the safety of sea turtles, so we loved learning so many new things about a species we care about so much! 

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