Growing Green edibles and Harvesting Green energy

This past week our program saw the kids over at MLCS undertake a planting project. We readied the growing table for two types of seeds. After guessing what the seeds were, the kids then drew how they thought the entire plant looked both above and below ground. There were some cute renderings of the radish and some surprising takes on how mustard looks before it’s “the yellow stuff”.

They were excited to be the only three present because they each got 3 rows
Sylvia won the right to seed first because her radish was growing underground. Alia almost tricked me after she went back and drew in some dirt.

In a few weeks, we hope to have some microgreens after I go back and set up the grow light from Eastie Farm.

Julianna and her wind turbine with a little baby turbine on the way

At Donald McKay, Magdalena and myself taught a lesson on renewable energy sources. We focused in on wind turbines, watching a few videos after we had a preliminary discussion on how we think the wind works. Being a coastal neighborhood, the kids were excited to learn that wind turbines can exist in the water as well as on land.

Homemade turbine. A cork, paper clips, cardboard, rubber bands, motor, and battery.

In the older classrooms we had the students make the blades of the turbine and test out how the size and shape affected air flow.

They figured out that if the blades are parallel to the ground, they can feel more air on the top and bottom. Whereas if they face perpendicular to the ground, they felt more air on the side pushing outward.
Longer blades meant a slower rotation. After the first few made long blades everybody switched to short to see how fast it could spin.

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