Team MCK. The winners of Jeopardy! in 4th grade posing with their candy eggs

McKay and MLCS had the chance to put their knowledge to the test in a game of Jeopardy!. All the organization heads got together to come up with questions covering what we’ve learned since the beginning of the year. Categories included: harbor science, the harbor islands, composting, planting, and climate change. Each child or group of children had 30 seconds to come up with the correct response on their dry-erase boards and if no correct response was given the other teams got a chance to steal. This part of the game had everybody hanging on to every question!

They never quite got that they didn’t need to raise their hands when they had control of the board
It’s not cheating! Alex D gave them permission to use their booklets
Looking smug because he knew the answer

At McKay, both Alex’s got to act as their namesake, Alex Trebek, which the kids could not get enough of. I could not say I was surprised by how much the children had retained. They knew all the harbor islands, what worms we used in compost, could explain the greenhouse effect, and knew what they could do in their everyday life to lessen climate change. No points were deducted for not answering in the form of a question. Every team with points on the board received a dum-dum.


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