McKay Elementary

Apples around the World! (11/1 NATURE Lesson)

This week we focused on a New England staple: apples! From the life cycle, to the geography, to the taste, students explored many aspects of this tasty treat. At one station students discussed how in the world a tiny seed turns into a fully grown apple. Using this information each student colored one stage of the life cycle of an apple and arranged the stages in chronological order.

At another station we learned where apples are grown and how they are transported. Students enthusiastically played several rounds of “Apples Around the World” a game in which apples are passed in a circle with nothing but your elbows! After the game the students discussed how much energy it takes to transport apples and the benefits of eating local produce.

At the final station students learned about the anatomy of an apple and scientifically analyzed apple slices using the five senses. Some popular adjectives were “sweet,” “fresh,” “crunchy,” “smooth,” and “like-an-apple!”

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