Maverick Landing

Life Cycle of Plants (10/30 NATURE Lesson)

The life cycles of plants! Wednesday, October 30 The Climate NATURE program helped facilitate a nature-inspired art project at the Maverick Community Center in East Boston. The Youth were able to make mask from the leaves, seed pods, acorns, and twigs collected from Boston.

Before making the mask, a lesson was conducted on the lifecycle of plants. The youth in the community center learned why trees lose their leaves in the fall. They also learned about important concepts such as photosynthesis, winterization, and the formation of glucose by leaves.

After the lesson, we transitioned into the mask making activity and it was a success! Using foliage and more of nature’s amazing resources, the kids made their own animal masks. Soon the room was filled with owls and foxes and more. Creativity ran wild!

Toward the end of the lesson the youth decided to put on a play about the environment. Many kids took on the role of mother and sister nature and helped maintain and protect the forest. The performance was amazing and demonstrated that the youth not only really enjoyed the activity but learned from it. 

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